Light at the end of dark tunnel


My husband’s bosses have just stopped his salary and don’t talk with him.  You asked us to chant the following, “RELEASE RESISTANCE CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH END COUNT DIVINE”   and “SRINIVASA ARAVINDALOCHANA”.

I keep chanting them in addition to the above, angel numbers 58 and 520 also.

One of the bosses (National Sales Mgr.) now talks to my husband about orders, collections etc. However, when they were enquired about my husband’ salary, they say they will look into it, yet no results.


Continue the same. What mistakes your husband has committed?


Yesterday, they have sent a pay slip with no salary, stating that he has not worked for the month. My husband called up regarding above and NSM only says he will look into it.

They say the MD is unhappy. However, no reason is being told verbally or on email. He has achieved the target not only for this year, but within the 9 months he has brought in excess orders to the company, which is 161% of his target.

We fail to understand the same.  We are unable to run our family. What to do? God and you alone can help us now.




Million and millions of thanks!

We have seen light at the end of dark tunnel. My husband has received his salary after being put on hold for 60 days. 

We touch your feet and express our thanks for guiding us to come out of this difficulty. We believe that your help is god sent.

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II Manual

Increase; enlarge what you have: ADD

Clarity: CRYSTAL

Stop thinking about the problem; close; finish: END

Trust in others; hopeful; “It is possible”: GORSE

Solution finder: REACH



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Namaste Mr Naran sir,

    What can I recite or what prayers can I do to migrate to Canada?

    Thank you for all the good you are doing for us.


  2. Sir , I am doing the chants of your switch words. I am still scared for the bad experiences I went through regarding my arrest , jail , etc.
    Sir , I am often getting dreams of going to jail again and really scared of my enemies of their new plans .
    Sir, I lost everything in my life , my lost my fame in the society, relatives, my husband’s love, money .
    My husband has also been included in FIR as acquisit 2. He has lost his job due to me. My husband has applied for antisipatory bail and I have applied for relaxation of conditional bail and both are getting postponed since 1 month. Sir, how do I explain my agony to you. As a woman I am undergoing lot of mental pressure and tension. When will I have good time . Will I surely have a better period? Can I come out of these disaster? Please advise me with your valuable switch words sir. I have lots of hope in them.
    Sir, how do I get them back. I have so many fears regarding everything sir. I am being blamed for everything going on now also.
    Sir, please help me with your switch words to overcome all these tensions and troubles. I believe so much in your switch words.
    Sir, please give me your valuable switch words to clear all my problems and have a peaceful life.
    To get rid of My court cases, police cases, fear of enemies, my lost love from my husband, our bails , for people to believe me, my husband’s job, my kid education, severe money problems, to get back my lost relationships, etc.,
    My husband is a very nice man sir. He is suffering mentally with all my issues and being involved in my cases. Sir please, please save my life and my family.

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