Reach up when you are going down


A friend of mine who was having severe problems in his business as it was also on the brink of shut down. He will be on streets now without money.




In the night, chant “QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX” while on the bed to sleep.


It’s been a week since we both are chanting, but the past week things have deteriorated further for him. His partner wants him to leave the company immediately and does not want him to take any dividends forget the startup money which is in crores.

Due to all this my friend is not sleeping and has developed high BP and stomach problem. Should he continue chanting the same or does he need to do something else.

Yesterday I have also given him power symbol 28 & 29. Pls guide as situation is very bad as he has no money even for survival after few months.


Continue the same.


Both my friend and I chanted religiously every day and today he is a happy man as his problems have resolved and they all want to give the company another chance to salvage it.

My Friend sends his sincere heartfelt gratitude to you for all the kind help. A big thank you, for being God sent selfless healer to all.

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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank u so very much Sir for posting my experience on the blog. My friend is still chanting and now things are stable for him. He and his partner share a better work relation and are amicable. I am so grateful to you sir for your divine help not only for salvaging his business but in all times i needed help, Every solution yield results for me and I thank god everyday for bringing you in my life as my guide and mentor. God Bless you and shobhana ma’am always.

  2. Dear naran sir ,
    I have attended to the court on 29th October by chanting all your advised switch words.
    I was arrested there and was in jail for 2 weeks. I was released with conditional bail. My mental condition is very bad sir. I cast tell about my agony. Media and papers published my arrest news and so on.
    Sir I am really worried about all the things going against me.
    Sir please suggest me switch word for all my problems as I have mentioned many times earlier. My criminal cases, cheating case, severe financial loses, my husband lost his job, my son is mentally disturbed , sir , you are my last hope please help me to come out of these issues due to which I am totally scared .
    Thank you.

    • chaihanya
      PUT 10 PILLS IN 200 ML WATER and have 6 to 7 sips in the day time.
      If you cannot purchase the remedies, write the above names 108 times daily

  3. Kind sir, i had a loving man in my life but since a while he is not able to give me the necessary attention that I want esp as this was a long dist rel…. He was supposed to come and meet me this Jan … Unfortunately I got angry and yelled at him stating that I m not interested anymore etc…. I have apologised but he is not responding since last 10 days. I want him to forgive me and come and see me so that we can get married … We were very much in love with one another…. Now it looks like he is not. Pl help me I plead with you. Thku.

  4. Hi

    Can u pls help me. How can I.become good healer.i m seichem master and learnt many healing techniques like radikall healing.

  5. hello naran sir,
    i am very tensed. I am a relation from 6years. 1month ago i.e.2nd june 2016 my boyfriend broke up with me. He thinks that i m using double phones and double whatsapp accounts which is not true. I tried to explain him but he blocked me in everywhere. I really need your help to get him back in my life as i love him unconditionally and wanted him to understand that i am innocent.

  6. Hello Naran Sir,

    I have recently worked very hard to setup a offshore office for my boss, now he is asking me to leave because of my individual performance which he earlier said my performance depends on teams performance. Now he gave me only 10 days time to prove my self.
    I want to stick with this company and want to go onsite through him. I have been fired in most of the companies. I want to stick with this company for atleast another 5 years. I have no savings in my bank money has always been a major issue for me as I am solo bread earner in the house. Can you please help me.

  7. Hi need ur help… Recently came across these chants. I m frm sales background not doing that great trying to chant wolf magic begin now find divine count now
    Also i love someone want him to love me back.. Plz help

  8. Dear sir, I am in deep financial crisis..heavy debts pls suggest mantra. And way to do for best benefits of mantra..

  9. Bhavikaa Makwana

    Dear Naran sir

    My name is Bhavika Makwana. I have a issue , we have sold out our property and planning to buy new one ..I wish to shift in a new state with my husband and son and I want switch words which will help probe my husband to look for a job in other state and we can move easily and without any interference of my other family members as right now I stay on joint family with my in laws .

    I was suggested switch words
    Personal move charm on magic wheels now

    Will this help me
    Thanks and regards
    Bhavikaa Makwana

  10. Sir, i found this website useful . searching and chanting switch words for new house worked for me.
    please suggest me for income from the work/job I love to do…and financial abundance.

    I also want to know why I am leaving good earning jobs again and again after few years of working and any switch words to release this pattern.

  11. Hello I need help please.
    Last year I was approached by a friend and he proposed and I said yes. Our love life started and we decided to reveal it, the very next day his ex girl came back in his life. I asked him but he didn’t say anything he says he is confused. He told her yes and our relationship came to standstill. I after a while asked but he didn’t want to talk I tried again and asked that if he is happy I don’t mind stepping back but atleast tell me, but all in vain.
    Plz help me with a switch word so he can come back or I get to know the truth so I can understand atleast .it’s one year me waiting to know what exactly happened why he just came and went back.

  12. How to stop affair of my husband sir…. Please help me. I don’t want him to lose.

  13. I have lost / misplaced my original sale deed papers of my house, and have tried every trick in the book to find it including prayers, Reiki astrologers etc, but to no effect. I’m beyond anxious and upset. Pl help me find the original papers. Thank you so much.

  14. namaskar Ji, many people cheated money from my business. how shall I get back from them .
    I called many times but one they block my no . or not responding to our calls. more than 4lac
    cheated. different 3 people . please help me with it send switch words and batch flower medicine to recover money from them any other dispute.

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