My diary is full for next one year


Sita a singer – naturally talented, came to see me two years back. She was finding it difficult to get good opportunities.

One day, while browsing through my blogs, she picked the switch word combination to get a job, “FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE” as her job mantra. She bought herself a diary. She started writing that combination whenever she found time until the diary was full.

Her whole career took a positive turn. She started getting a lot of singing opportunities.

What about off-season, where even professionally recognized singers don’t get opportunity? She uses that free time to write the switch word combination in her (new) diary. Interestingly, as soon as she finishes few pages of writing, she gets some opportunity or other.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear naran sir ,
    As advised by you I am continuously chanting “srinivasa aravinda lochana ” for court cases from so many days.still our cases are getting very delayed . As I have mentioned you that I have applied for relaxation of conditional bail and my husband for anticipatory bail but both petitions are getting delayed in the court .
    In the mean while all my opponents around 15 members are trying to manipulate things against me and my husband. So please help us with your switch words to come out safely from the hands of our enemies and cases.

    Thank you

  2. chaitanya

  3. Respected Naran Sir,
    My parents had applied for my family’s US visa in 2007 August.I have still not got the interview call from Embassy Although every time I see in the updates that My case is in queue.My daughter is going to turn 21 next year in April and after that she won’t get the visa.I read your blogs and chant Wolf every day but now I am getting very apprehensive since not much time is left.what shall I do.Thanks in advance🙏

  4. Meghana chavan

    Hii naran sir plz help me sir plzz I m completely stuck in money problems.lots of burden on debts,totally bankrupt,no any singal amount I have,only pays intrest plzz sir request to u how I solve this problem

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