Golden words are to be repeated


As guided by you in the past few weeks, I am calm and peaceful by myself. Now that the marriage is round the corner (of my niece – husband’s brother’s daughter), I need to attend.

All the past incidents of harassment, sarcastic remarks, aloofness etc. of my husband’s Anni is coming to my mind and I need enough strength to face it all this time. I want to raise above all this silly behavior of others and come out successfully, to neutralize my karma.



Chant “I am sorry. Please forgive me”, as many times as possible. Your anger and resentment – whether it is right or not – will upset your stomach, which in turn increases your insecurity.

Take the flower remedies AGRIMONY, WILLOW and CHERRY PLUM.


Since yesterday, I am practicing as advised by you. I do not understand, why, often I get this thought flashed in my mind. That I need to move away from my husband? I do not know if it is a natural process. It is a soul-searching experience for me. I need your divine help and guidance.


Soul searching is to happen within. It does not depend on outside person or event.


I attended the marriage and chanted the Switch Words as advised by you. I am back to Bangalore. I am trying to find the golden nugget … May be my spiritual awareness is not enough to find one.

As I have disclosed to you before, I have this urgent need to go back to work in UK. I have contacted my ex-colleagues, friends, and contacts and passed on my resume.

Initially, they were very encouraging, told me to help me out with a job. But as days went by, there is no communication from them regarding my application status. Also I have applied many jobs. It is Apply, Apply, but no reply.

I am chanting “TOGETHER DIVINE FIND JOB COUNT NOW ORDER DONE” and also recently after reading one of your blogs regarding chakra cleansing, I have chanting Bija Mantras (OM LUM…)

In between, I am chanting forgive exercise to my husband too. Please advise, what can be chanted.


Move away with love in the heart and not in resentment



I am writing this mail, rather after a long time. I am following the chants and forgive exercise as advised by you.

There are lots of changes in me. I am able to forgive many things now. Though, I still remember the events, which had caused me so much anger, hurt and other negative emotions. After forgive exercise, these emotions have drastically reduced to an intensity of zero!

I am now able to appreciate the switch word “CHOCOLATE” as suggested by you. The golden nugget in my case is to get re introduced to healing techniques through you.

Thank you very much for your Grace and support you have extended to me – The top most emotional layer of healing has taken place. As a result, my relationship with my husband has improved.

As regards to finding a job, this is the next layer to be dealt with. I am chanting and many times writing the Switch words. CRYSTAL has strengthened my intention of job seeking.

I am now more confident and beginning to understand what I want. My previous emotional state of confusion together with mixed feelings is no more. I am more calm and focused.

Our friend – WOLF is bringing me some leads for job searching and I am working on it.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir, please suggest switch words for developing good personality.

  2. I am totally stucked, my money is not getting back from the persons, who r cheaters. I am unable to pay my payments.

  3. My husband is jobless for past 1 1/2 yr has applied to many places but hsnt got a call pls help.he was kee in one place but there seems to b hurdles and he is stuck. Pls help him get a good job soon.pls

    • My husband job is not stable nd there is a time of admission of my 2 kids in nursery nd first class.I am so fed up without money what to do nd how to manage this situation । Can even do the job but । Am suffering from viral fever called typhoid.This is very critical situation for nobody understand me even my husband also quarrel vid me for housework which i m unable to complete becouse of fever.

  4. Hello Sir, I am stuck in a very bad relation and I want out. I also want the opposite person to move on and live a good normal happy life. Please give me some effective switch word. We both are very unhappy and it is time we moved on.
    Thank you in advance.

  5. Sir, I am giving my boards this year and I want to get the first rank. Please suggest something so that I may get 100% marks. I have many obstacles. My family members are not empathetic enough. They always create big issues on minor problems and don’t let me concentrate. Also I want to be strong in the Science group( Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology). So please suggest me something.

  6. Sir,
    My life and family is stuck due to lack of finances, I actually need a good amount to settle down.
    Please Help!

  7. Hello sir..I’m doing my MD dermatology , first year lmangalore ,I have joined in a college,where patients are v less and not good staff to teach me..Is there any switchword,that I get permanently posted to my desired college for learning,which is in my hometown.

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