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  1. thanks for switchword post , which is really helpful and have great changes in life.

  2. Sir, I posted sometimes back, we have stepped into our own consultancy business, we invested some amount with one of the company, they did not pay our bill completely by deducting the amount in various ways. We did not receive the amt we had invested and without any prior information they stopped our service, against the agreement. My husband has lost hope in getting the amt. back and also this has has disappointed us a lot.Our work is in slow mode. Kindly help us,

  3. Namaste Sir,

    Can you suggest switchword for promotion and salary increment for my husband, we are having financial problem your given guidance will be highly helpful

  4. Dear Naran Sir,

    Is there any switch words to speak english fluently. please help me.


  5. Hello sir,
    Recently I have gone through your website. I was very much impressed in this.
    You are my only hope to solve my problems.
    My marriage got fixed but financially we are lack. We having one land nearby our home town yet finding difficulty in selling that & buyers are negotiating for low cost. Pls help us to sell that in reasonable cost.
    Thank you

  6. vanakkam sir
    i have lot of financial problems, i want to sell my land within 15days kindly help to sell the land for reasonable cost at the earliest

    an .murugesan

  7. Hello sir, i read your blogs and appreciate the amazing work you are doing.

    Could you advise me what to chant in order to get back lent money from a person who’s delaying it since 5 years. Thanks.

  8. Hello Naran,
    I had transferred the required consultation fees but no response till now. Can you please look into it and send me your advise? Thanks…

  9. Lalithasundari

    Namaskarams.nearly 4 lakhs my husband,doctor,has to get pending Salary.plz guide New to switch words.also I want to sell my property in Porur plot in Porur,Chennai.pls guide me sir.with tears i request you to guide me.Lalitha.

  10. We are selling land for a company. All the documents are accepted by them. They have finalized the deal but registration is getting delayed from past one month. Sir please suggest me some effective switch word to do the registration as soon as possible.

  11. Dear Naran Sir, I have started my business a few years back and initially it went wel but since I have lost a lot of money and now I am in severe debt. I have enquiries and customers coming in and they discuss and are very positive but in a short while when it comes to paying they turn negative. Can you suggest some switchwords to use to overcome the situation. Also let me know how to use them.
    Thanks for the help, Regards,

  12. Celestina Dsouza

    Two friends who need to give my money back,I helped them when they were in some problem..right now I am going through a tuff time.. financially, physically and mentally..please help me to get my money back from these friends of mine..I have been requesting them since years and now I am really disheartened with their behave they promised but never transferred a single penny to me…please help me to get my money back from them

  13. I have paid 50k for an institute and did not join . They are not giving the refund. I want my amount back what should I do

  14. namaste sir, we have a joint family till now our ancestor property not distributed along with my father 5 brothers are elders 1 is younger.they agreed to sell and distribute property equally.3 bro’s as own house, we don’t have after vacating a house they have cheated us want more share how it possible.we are 3 sisters and 1brother they are thinking we will agree whatever they say.we put the case in court to get an equal share. I am requesting you, sir to give switch word or mantra to get in our favor. we should get justice

  15. Hi Dear Naran Sir as daughter and sister i have helped them many times with my husbands money whenever required… and now they are soon going to get big sum of money from some old property ..
    I want them to return my money as soon as they get it as it will help my husband to pay for our house loan can you please tell me any switchword Thank you .

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