Do you know you missed a HAPPY CLASS?

Referring – “Mind-Body DEMYSTIFIED” Part II Workshop, Oct 19th, 2013:

When you don’t CONFESS but chant CONFESS, you can find peace in your marital life?

At the time of CHANGE, you will not have any reminiscence of the past as you have put an END to it.

The POINT is you can control your wayward husbands and children who are distracted, so that they can have the right direction in life. POINT is not just for your eye, but for the right direction of life too.

It is CRYSTAL CLEAR that you can neutralize undead cancer cells and COPY several good cells, so that you BE hale and healthy.

In addition, when I want to be creative I know I can CRYSTAL REACH them ON as it is available in plenty.

You can CUT your bad stuff in life – be it fibroid, a bad relationship, and a bad habit,as long as you are ready to SAVE yourself.

When you want to complete a task successfully, you need to put INK to it – I mean your signature.

You want your body to become TINY – meaning to reduce your weight. It is possible if you take this as LIGHT as possible.

We need to SHUT UP and not to worry as we can LEARN to manage our diabetes easily.

Be a COPY cat to make the opposite person to your liking.

Do you know when we become TINY, nobody can criticize us.

It is easy ADJUST your cholesterol to the right HDL level.

OPEN up the flood gates so that you can let stuff like itching to go away and LIMIT your suffering by commanding your concerned organs to take control.

Get your ACT TOGETHER to MOVE ON in your life.

I wanted to CONFESS here that I carried a white flag to the virus infection so that they won’t attack me.

Of course there are more stuff to ADD to the above here:

  • How inanimate objects like old slippers and cooker can react against your indifference?
  • The only non-ego person in this world is Lord KRISHNA
  • We have to release the part that created the disease in the first place and activate the part inside us that knows how to heal the disease
  • The last but not the least. Have you ever heard about a meditation that consists of nothing but switch words?

Anyway, nothing to worry about, for you will get to see the transcription of the class in the form of blogs soon. Meanwhile, some of the enterprising souls like you can call up Shobana and ask her whether the manual is available for purchase.

  • Superb printing, as it looks like a printed book
  • A list of around 70-80 switch words and benefits of using them
  • Solution finders – using switch words, remedies – gem and Bach flowers, Homeopathy medicines and life-saving pills and tablets for various diseases like High-BP, Diabetes, Asthma, Psoriasis, Fibroid, Thyroid, Allergy, Obesity etc

All this is because of one soul – Naran, who has accepted that he is mad enough, to keep working on solutions that gets simpler and simpler to solve problems in life that is getting more and more complex.

Good Luck

From one of the happy souls who attended the class…

R Mohan

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Yes we realy missed the class since I am in bombay ! Do you have the cd of the class or notes availsble with you?

  2. this year on diwali there is surya grahan.
    Could you please explain how to do the prayer? and also what prayer to do for a prosperous year?
    thanking you for your divine explanation.

  3. Anybody pls explain the above article. I could not understand

  4. Wow..

    that must have been such a learning experience..Sir comes up with such amazing solutions..missed it too bad..

  5. finally i am not envious of chennai folks. by divine grace, managed to do HAPPY CLASS! ty to the entire naran heal team for all you do.

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