Reduce my weakness

Satish, Sept 11, 2013

The chemotherapy treatment started on 2nd Sept’13 as scheduled. Next cycle will be on 23rd’Sept’13. Meantime, the patient has  become  very  weak, gradually  losing  weight – lost  about  12 kgs  in  last  40  days. His  platelet count  has  also  come  down  from  1,37,900 (29th july’13) to  129000 (10th sept’13).

Naran, Sept 12, 2013

Write and keep “CRYSTAL CLEAR ADD Platelets” and chant the switch words also.

Satish, Sept 17th, 2013.

Thanks for your mantra. I am  happy  to  inform you that the  platelets  count  of  Suman has  increased  from  1,29,000 to 3,00,000 as  per  report  of  16th Sept’13. The WBC and RBC counts have also shown some improvement vis-a-vis last report.


To have clarity in the mind: CRYSTAL

The infection or side-effect of any treatment that reduces platelets: CLEAR

Platelets will keep on reducing during chemotherapy treatment and when you are affected by a viral infection. To increase the platelets count: ADD

This is a beautiful case history for the power of switch words.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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    Sir i am reading many cases in facebook LOVE TRANSFUSION GROUP people suffereing from Cancer.. Can this healing method help people of this group.Would you be kind to reply people and send healings .THANKS BE

  2. Namaste sir,
    i need to get succeed in competative exams in 1st attempt ,and 100% hike in present private job which mantra can i chant

  3. Sir,

    My sister is a suffering from a life threatening situation where she needs At Least 50000 platelets for surgery, but for now she is getting external platelets and the body is consuming them all in 2-3 days. Doctors are saying they can not do operation with external platelets they want her body to make platelets.

    How can I help to get her more platelets quickly.

    Please help.


  4. hello sir.
    I am in a situation where I love a guy very much, and he also claimed to love me.
    However after a very minor fight he just left me and now itz been 2 years he is not talking to me.
    I can still see him every day to work and just cannot get over him.
    I really love him a lot and all I want is him to come and talk to me. If at all he cannot love me like before, at least stay by my side as a good friend that he was always to me.
    But just that he approaches me atleast once.
    Please help me sir.

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